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Dispatch from Delphi


"The lord whose oracle is the one in Delphi neither speaks nor hides, but  gives signs. - Heraclitus"

         The elements whose surface is even and which rule over the rest flowing  from ornament of mouth on highest swelling standing out and beseeching birds’  wisdom raise flowers, catkins, leaves, fruits, shoots, all alive without conduct and activities, submerged in claiming sky to wash away filth and provide drink  for all living creatures. Knotted into what, when said, is spun and woven. Covered in worn-down paths driven to intersection, between nourishing element which is forbidden to man and moisture inhumed in worn-out depth, is the one in construction presented towards interpretation. Erect or flattened as outstretched  uncoiled stems reaching into storms, neither slow flyer ununited in highest soar seeing beyond the seas is to swimmer nourishing less intense heat by slimy matter – not earthy but sweet – as flyer high on glacial humor in vision whose  chicks’ eyes are dry is to that, no longer upright, which is nonetheless not yet buried. Nor hatched in coveted row for transport, construction presented towards interpretation gives five feet carried in the temple. But weak warmth and moisture lying hidden for long without breathing from on high remains as melancholy  soul hiding horns by judgment and is to slow flyer ununited in highest soar seeing beyond the seas, crossing by slither or by prickly swelling.


Sascha Engel is the founder of Strukturriss, an Ireland-based journal focusing on anarchic dissolutions of text. Sascha's book "21 Computations" is out from Beir Bua Press, and another one is forthcoming from Ardent Press. Twitter: @ThinkContinuum

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