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Obatala- A god sent by supreme God to create earth in Yoruba mythology.

Shango - Yoruba god of thunder

Ejola- A great Snake (Rainbow)

Olugbo- Yoruba god of forest

Iyemoja-  Yoruba god of water (mermaid)

Esu- Yoruba god of mischief

Ojuju- Boogeyman

Oluode- Chief hunter of yorubaland

Bata drum- Yoruba drum beating for gods

Cowries- Currency of ancient Yoruba.



   Eons with the Nubians, in the bows of Ta-seti,

                                             Hidden in Kemet,

    Moon saw it in healing powers of Sangoma’s

                                                And Sans survival.


 Older than the gods, young in the new born cry  

                                            Long fore Egypt’s birth,

Kept in lions mane, and among Yoruba deities

    Pre-ile ife                                                 


 Kept universe, alive when  time was a stranger                                                    

                                                From Darkest pit void 

Sun took from it at awakening of beginning

                                                 And became a god          


Yet, see it humbles the gentle crawling snails and

                                               Kind hearted dolphins

 Holy men seek it, atop mountains highest peak

                                            Fools in gold conquest


Root of giant Mountains, Language of Roaring rivers

                                             Flowing ever fountains   

It’s the beginning, of all things beginnings

                                      The end of all ends.


Since Obatala scattered sand across earth,

Shango's fury will light the sky 

And the great Ejola will arch his back

To drink from the rivers.

Men know season is at hand to drive

Away harmattan, that Olugbo

Can stretch his green hand to

Invade the field with sprouting

Colorful weed heads.

The fishermen cast cowries

Into the river to appease Iyemoja

Before casting net to catch her

Slippery spawns.

Esu walked between two brothers:

One went back home with

Bloody garment of the other.

Night will spread its mat

And Ojuju will walk upon it,

To scare the little ones.

The Oluode will set his trap for

 Buffalo returns back to field of May.

Strike the Bata drum, let it ripple in 

Glorious beats, that the gods

May favor us in this season

Of planting.


You commandeer Queen Anne’s revenge, 

And lay hold of Black Bead, prowling

Its deck like beast favored by weird. 

In deceit you call the north Thule

Seeking Phantom Isle for St Brendan’s blessing.

Your mates are giants from Prester John,

To contend giants wielding flame upon

Path to promise land of saints,

Bring not nectar of Ulysses for headless

Roams the land.

Who stood by you as first mate, he’s Vlad 

The Impaler who once kept Charon busy on his lake.

Years ago you returned from Hy-brasil

With chest full of glorious tales, when your 

Second mate Sunjata slaughtered Ceto, 

And the sea foam red deep to the nether 

Of Mariana trench, and far to Pitcairn Island.

Again you sail to claim the kingdom

Of Saguenay, after consulting a

 Jengu that warned you to beware of

Manticores that hides in treasure coves,

Mountainous Roc, and Griffins that

Hunts the sky,

Shall Thoth sail with you to unknot,

Riddles of the blue men of the Minch?

Beloved of gods, unsheathe Excalibur, 

Blemmyae roams the beach, and ever 

Watchful Basilisk its weald, when you shall

Seek fresh water to refill empty casks.

I rue to sail with you Prince of tales to

 El-dorado upon bloody waves,

With sail waving like dreams, and mast 

Like Moses staff but am mere mortal, I bode the

 Three hundred Spartan helmets sailing with you.

How far before you reach fountain of youth, 

Conqueror of sea, the wind rises against you,

Quick bid your Halcyon to lay her eggs.

Farewell till rising sun draws your mast

To my waiting eyes, or the moon shows

Your flag, to pierce my heart with joy.


Owolusi Lucky is a Nigerian writer.  He has published or has work forthcoming  in magazines, anthology and journals including, Noctivagant press, Crosscurrent, America Diversity Report, Afrorep, Decolonial Passage, Scars publication, macromicrocosm, Dietmilkmag, Sweetycat Press, Overtly Lit and others. He shares his thoughts at: 


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