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Red Like Rubies, Red Like Blood.

a small smile that curves,

mouths sweet words, 

drips sugar spit from adulation.

a small cherub smile and ruby red lips.


sharp nails that split veins

like the red sea dismembering itself for moses

splatter heartbreak on desolate earth.

sharp, shining nails and blood red lips.


slender fingers that capture heartbeats

and all the pink things she adores

grasp with self-indulgent charm.

pale, slender fingers and ruby red lips.


a heart that beat for love—

love for me, oh bleeding— 

curdles itself in sour sepsis.

a rotten, beating heart and blood red lips.

Bio: Kieran Rose Pilon is a theatre and creative writing student currently located in St. Paul. His writing often centers on heartbreak and the anger and fear that come with it. When he's not acting or writing, he's usually sipping a latte or reading someone's tarot cards.

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