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Four Poems...

Constellations at the End of Proximity


Dexterous half-brother of a genre

creeping dehydrated lemon teeth

speaking reactive landscape button

threatens a trunk with fleas

vapid testicles manipulate cleavers

deriving inabilities from nymphs

ululated against adapted witness

suggestion of a linked cave

stolen nuptial water box

combing wooden erotic quiver

thus higher than complicit atmosphere

equally obvious as earthy

sullen see-through kidney dance

squeezing vignettes through arms

shocking barren pundit grin

always adaptive to green dynamics

pathetic yet tentatively divine

river producing collapsed hyacinth

craving disassociation rippling

heir to fiery incidents

destructive paradox slips on banana peel

imitative aggression burns an emblem

donning bird rather than snake

shouldered bristling tawny force

an eagle throat connects topology

presenting tangles connoting force

not a summary nor a vice versa.


Vaudeville Grotesque


Forthcoming bathtub annihilating planetarium

megaphone burst of plague that elongates larynx

passing grated lice through contemporary art simulator

dressed to prove a garter belt invisible

latched to grasshopper toe

shoring flood prone insect gash against my fort

but shadow dancing jitterbugging halo feast

beneath my twirling cummerbund bladder

squawking in frenetic coded linguistic grapes

timed to a marathon of typesetting

last position masked to teach a surgeon how to slump

however I that wanders algae farms

built a fjord without mosquito net tail

cooling Pandora’s Box stuffed in couch

I prance a potato into my storage compass

grazing half-digested coat of gleeful mirage

sawed to meet the position of a crab

melted helium face stretched to a pinpoint

mimicking my cold compress temple pimple

drifting past spools drunk on schisms

hanging from mouthpiece clothesline

cinched at waste of space proverbial yawn

my breath a box I keep for exposed buttocks

then remedy with a kiss like a munitions plant.


Plunging into Escape Corpse


Premeditated drive devoid against filicide

suggestions imitate an essay cycle

attempted behaviors justified crimes

lock out the tongue

performance as cruel and lucid:

                          “Strap tuba to wit’s end

                            and bring back each missed step.”


Along the spiky crevices

lust tells human disease

as many jokes as actions

can illuminate with sheers.


Autonomous episodes of reality

forces matters on skiing industries

brought though never explored

driving abusive rational discourse

having shoved chronological scales  

into modern conceptions of goals.


Ranging from vivid to defined

all fluidity strikes weakened grandeur:

                               “Attacks of boars are nouns

                                 presumably hot and shattered

                                 then threatened as a tree.”


Met referred and ceased

torn apart intrusive.

              Deity wounds intoxication

              formation nullified victory.

     Intertexts cut up and smoked

     clinging to allusive delicate limbs.


Roving frenzy consciously mentions

reading stepmother a mental cliff

as an archetype permeating wicked oracle

mastering orchestral bomb squad

asking a harmless malicious consternation:

                                               “Drowned sword in

                                                 palace of swoons

                                                 learned its fate

                                                 despite resurrection.”


Starving Telephones


A jury of shrunken heads

plays their bowtie aquariums

with fists meandering as earthquakes

last among elusive piano captives

nursed before gloomy spiked finds

analyzed under microscopic staples


Last moon craters cheese substance

flung kite like through oozing wreaths

promised kingdom for ventriloquist wasp

between wart and crown a choice evolves

snapped though lessened beneath a bulletin


Oh bullet that spins a heartthrob 

seeking chained pulverizing spite

nearer to rotund dumpster stoop

for whomever Queen Quack eviscerates

another encyclopedic cataclysm jumps


Poor though perish as a clock

all masquerading dock hands entwine

garden of Cervantes mist volcanoes

less a punishment than a spoon

readjusted tuning cancer mechanism


So fast the quilted lung appears

without benefit of a salmon foot

to sprinkle webs of horn-rimmed scars

over topsy-turvy umbrella slanted roofs

baffled ribbon bald as a monkey’s skull.


Joshua Martin is a Philadelphia based writer and filmmaker, who currently works in a library. He is the author of the books automatic message (Free Lines Press), combustible panoramic twists (Trainwreck Press), Pointillistic Venetian Blinds (Alien Buddha Press) and Vagabond fragments of a hole (Schism Neuronics). He has had numerous pieces published in various journals including Otoliths, M58, The Sparrow’s Trombone, Coven, Scud, Ygdrasil, RASPUTIN, Ink Pantry, and Synchronized Chaos. You can find links to his published work at

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