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leap year inventory

gardening equipment 

old and foreign currency 

carved wooden man we will forget his name 

but do not tell us 

dust forming an aria 

some kind of god (boxed) 

photos mostly of seascapes  

n.b. the water moves be careful 

a very abstract forest much walked in 

slippers also 

healthy scepticism (lid missing) 

uneven correspondence  

a collective family misspelling  

the honest admin of loss 

small plastic sticks 

perhaps also for gardening 

reverence of a kind expressible only in cockney

rhyming slang

an associated reverence for fruit 

countermyth (original missing) 

a single robin 

irreplaceable duplicates 

bag of seeds 

penchant for allegory with colour-matched 

tendency for its misuse 


Jonny Wiles is an actor, writer, and translator. He has received the DART and Benjamin Zephaniah poetry prizes, and the Cecil Roth Memorial Prize for his work on Dante’s Divine Comedy. His pamphlet, love and/or the storm, was published by Broken Sleep Books in 2020, and his translations of works by three contemporary Italian poets were anthologised in Alibi in 2022. He lives and works in London.


Twitter handle: @jonnywiles

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