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a speck of sand

a pearl of gold

born from your sleep


when your eyes roll 

back to the dream place

always a fight to return

grinding down 

your crowns

moans & rocking hips

your bits batter

your stubble scratching

runes onto my traps


am i the zeppelin

rope you hold

to flee

or the anchor

to bring you back


lids rise

and two colorblind

pools of blue

fill the room


your tear duct a tray

for a gift bestowed

a sleep seed

turmeric bright


sea salty

when i swab it 

with my tongue


you hesitate

but your body

is coiled in mine

and i taste

Jonathan Rentler

rheu(man)ate, page 2, stanza continued 


longing to return

with you to that dream place


i could fish 

your eyeball out

with a sudden flick


but to see 

myself through

your gaze

no oracle is that brave


so I’ll wait

and slurp

at the dust

you haul back

from that sacred shore



Jonathan Rentler (he/him) is currently fieldworking in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. His work can be found in: Noctivagant Press, Lavender Lime Literary, River Teeth, LAROLA, I-70, Ganymede, Unlikely Stories 2.0, Babbling of the Irrational, NILVX: A Book of Magic and Midnight Muse.

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