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Victoria Leigh Bennett

A Waka-Tanka On the Act of Creation's Momentary Shock

A devil’s paintbrush--
Tiny fleur, there in my path,

And I must salute
The wayward divinity
Springing such beauty in my eye.

Bio: Victoria Leigh Bennett, (she/her). Greater Boston, MA area, born WV. Ph.D., English & Theater. Website: "Come for the shadows, stay for the read." In-Print: "Poems from the Northeast," 2021. OOP but available on website: "Scenes de la Vie Americaine (en Paris)," [in English], 2022. Victoria will have published at least 27 times between Aug. 2021-November 2022 in: Roi Faineant Literary Press, The Unconventional Courier, Amphora Magazine, Barzakh Magazine, Fevers of the Mind Poetry & Art, The Alien Buddha Press, The Madrigal Press, Discretionary Love, Winning Writers, Cult of Clio. She has been accepted with 4 works for Bullshit Literary Magazine for 4/21/23. Victoria writes Fiction/Poetry/CNF/Flash. She is the organizer behind the poets' collective @PoetsonThursday on Twitter, along with Alex Guenther (@guentheralex) & Dave Garbutt (@DavGar51). Twitter: @vicklbennett. Victoria is ocularly and emotionally disabled.

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