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Tayler Lee

It stings like years ago

There is an ugly man sitting in a chair
And behind him there is everything I wanted as a kid
The red bike, the Christmas hat, the skirt with the zebra print waistband
And also, behind him, a little to the left
Is my hope and confidence sitting in a mason jar—
It may sound stupid
But it looked like glitter
I stopped eating years ago
But the banquet table on the main deck
Is still abounding in assorted meats and frothy milks
The chef is a hearty man who encourages me to take a bite
Two birds gyrate on the garlic roast while we talk
I only stare and
Wait for their eggs
I am doing acid with my best friend
We are cuddled in my bed
And I remember how beautiful we were
(Though we didn’t know it at the time)
Yes, in high school we were like sisters
And I think one could rightly say we were in love
But things change and now there are only memories
But oh the beauty of them

Bio: Tayler Bakotic is currently a senior at NYU studying English, Philosophy, Creative Writing, and
Religious Studies. She is fascinated by the uncomfortable and crude. Her writing is featured in
Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. When she isn’t writing or studying, she is probably watching a horror
movie, playing the bass, or cuddling with her hound. Message her on Twitter @TBakotic.

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