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Sanket Mhatre


Butterflies have odd jobs here
of leading you to the beach
or misleading you –
deep into coconut groves
where stories of faint shorelines
merge with crumbling mansions
covered in half foliage
and derelict truths
The monarchs leave a trail of silence
As they show you around
Reserved tour-guides
their flutter isn’t restless but
a surreal dance of organized harmony
They aren’t looking for milkweeds alone
but for a lost address and a house with no name
before they turn homewards

Bio: Sanket Mhatre has been featured at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Jaipur Literature Festival and Glass House Poetry Festival. His first book of cross-translated poems, The Coordinates Of Us won the prestigious Raza Foundation Grant after been shortlisted at IWrite2020 at Jaipur Literature Festival. Sanket’s poems have appeared in multiple anthologies such as Shape Of A Poem, The Well Earned, Home Anthology by Brown Critique, Poetry Conclave Yearbook as well as literary magazines such as Punch, Borderless, Muse India, Madras Courier, The Usawa Literary Review, Men Matters Online and many others.

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