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Madeira Miller

old flame

hang me up unfinished leave me to
dry with a soft breeze tickling my
skin I won’t wither in the sun but
I will ache for you in the sweetest
way fall asleep with rosy
cheeks and your freckles painted
on the back of my eyelids after long
hot days in June only to
spend the nights back in April and surely
you’ve washed me out of your
sheets by now but I
hope I still lie draped over your
bed locked in the most secret room in
that beautiful mind of yours
big watery fuck me eyes and
knee high socks let’s kiss
every night in our dreams until
we can breathe the same air and inhale
each other like oxygen not
carbon monoxide or residual
smoke from this burning fire lest it be put
out I want to be your wet dreams
your wildest fantasy and
the place you visit when you’re alone
at night but never a ghost that fades
slowly from memory
do you remember me?

Bio: Madeira Miller is a writer and poet seeking a creative writing degree at Missouri State University. Her work appears in ‘Dreamstones of Summer’ by WinglessDreamer, ‘Praised by December’ by WinglessDreamer, Every Day Fiction Online Magazine, F3LL Digital Magazine, The Gateway Review Literary Magazine, ‘My Cityline by WinglessDreamer,’ The Bookends Review Creative Arts Journal, ‘Sea or Seashore’ by WinglessDreamer, Bridge Eight Press, In Parentheses Literary Magazine, Dipity Literary Magazine, Abstract Literary Magazine, and Academy of the Heart and Mind Literary Magazine.

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