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Lina Ama


The floor swam in blood,
Her eyesight danced in blurry vision,
Keeping eyes open drained too much energy,
Then memory flooded back in,
In his hand had been a knife,
His mouth had spewed out threats,
Hail your Maker for me!
Ah! He had stabbed her. Thrice!
The shock ferried her into her soul in a swoon.
He was a stealthy cameleon of sorts,
Sweetest tasting honey under public scrutiny,
The most bitter gall in their private cocoon,
Courting conflict day and night,
His eye spoke scary volumes,
Grew an appetite for human flesh,
Her very skin, her life,
His body language alone
Threw her overboard with fright
Try, move, call for help,
Slipping on own life blood,
With arm stretched out,
Throat too dry to call out
Another swoon swallowed her up.

Oh! Beautiful woman, Nigeria
Born to pain, struggle and sorrow
Enduring wave after wave of life pangs
Pangs that engulf other nations and spare you not
Pangs that selectively torture you and your children
Cramps inflicted upon you by decision makers from your own loins.
How do you raise your sons, oh adorable lady,
That they grow into such self-centered individuals
With a permanent one-sided vision?
Unable to have compassion on their impoverished siblings?
They birth ideas with which to defend the populous household
Which only result in pushing the entire family into a well
Of excruciating want, starvation and economic stagnation,
Rendering a bad situation worse than imagination can conjure up.
This woman’s progeny fight corruption, thuggery and violent crimes
By unhanding cash from the thwarted of mind
Changing the legal tender clothing in renewal,
To delegalize mounds and dunes of previous legal tender
Accumulated by a sect of siblings with unhealthy appetites
Who amass cash in a bid to wield wanton power over all and sundry.
New legal tender replaces the old, rendering the old out of circulation,
Alas! The process is executed in an imbalanced proportion,
The old dog is buried but the new one is still a puppy,
Stays a puppy for too long,
Insufficiency plagues the massive family,
Hunger reigns as the order of the day
Confusion, stampede and pandemonium erupt in halls of cash.
An unprepared mother is sent online to grapple with an educational gap
In a bid to transact business, to acquire cash
Her ill-equipped children turn to Point of Sale Computer operators for cash
Who in turn buy our legal tender exorbitantly from cash halls.
Oh the system has failed us!
We are punished in various ways instead of being helped,
The most prominent and novel method of punishment being cashlessness;
The distinguished lady, Nigeria
Has unwrapped her head gear and tied it to her waist,
She has scattered her well-made hair, placed her hands on her hair
Mother is now walking the streets of our country, wailing
Help! Help! Help the destitute woman and her children
Help this cashless woman!

Bio: Lina M-ember Ama is a writer, Poet, Pharmacist, wife and mother. She lives in Nigeria, practicing Pharmacy, writing and fashioning and designing clothes. She has published a collection of poems titled "MIRAGE, Life in a Poetic Dress", on Amazon Kindle.
She is working on other titles for publication.

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