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Jordan Sperling

Unlock your Superbrain

Unlock your Superbrain

A big thank you to everyone
Who watched the special
Quest where we explored
Jim’s Brain. And a brand
New Quest: ‘Chain-Linking’
Where Jim dedicates speech
To memory, reveals the real
You, he says – the brain’s
Untapped potential. Jim’s
Technique unleashes
What only few will adopt
Experiencing these 6 days
In sequence. Each one came
Before it saying, my new brain
Is not just special,
It’s near-perfect,

Bio: Jasper Glen is from Vancouver, BC. He holds a BA in Philosophy and a JD. His poems appear or are forthcoming in AGOTT, Amsterdam Quarterly, BlazeVOX, Cathexis Northwest Press, Posit, SORTES, WordCity Literary Journal, and elsewhere.

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