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H.L. Dowless

The Wedding I Attended This Weekend

Had a fine weekend,
My little nephew got married off;
I can only wonder where fate soon sends them,
When father time is their new boss.

He had a barn wedding,
With all the delicate herbal flowers,
Great food,
And plenty of sacred drinks!
There was no regretting
About the belabored hours,
The character of this gathering group,
Or the overloaded dancers on the brink!

For five long hours the music rang,
The luscious besothing liquid flowed,
The chorus sang,
While the Lamborghini and the Monroney
Lined up all the way out to the paved road!

When the band wound on until late,
Three hundred people lined up
For a hand sized piece of that wedding cake,
Big enough from which the nude bride to climb,
Yet remaining neatly tucked away inside.

Then every dancer made a linked-in circle,
Taking turns riding a witches broom,
Filling the room
With floating light ribbons of purple;
While heavy rings of pale Hongos and belladonna smoke
Rose high into the soft glow of night lune.

Eerie shadows elevated from upon the floor,
The furniture strangely rattled,
While the golden ring was placed when the queen's hand
Reached through a wooden door.
The bewildered patron’s were addled.

At the precious witches knell
Of twelve
All attendants aligned in facing rows
With their flaming swords held high;
While the groom donned in a superior priest’s attire,
Walked underneath behind his shadow queen bride.

The gloomy phantoms laughed,
The pumpkins danced,
Such delightful craft
With rather elaborate colors enhanced.

At the end
Awaited a butterfly horse and carriage,
To receive this Prince Charlie king and his metaphysical queen,
In such a splendid cheer-filled marriage
Held in a timeless elegant scene.

Bio: The author is a national & international academic/ ESL Instructor. He has been a writer for over thirty years. His latest publications have been two books of nonfiction with Algora Publishing, a fictional novel by Atmosphere Press, and fictional publications with combo e-zines and print magazines; Leaves Of Ink, CC&D Magazine, a novel with Atmosphere press, Short Story Lovers, The Fear Of Monkeys, and Frontier Tales. He recently signed three contracts with Pen it Publications.

The author has enjoyed a lifetime of outdoor activities from big game hunting, camping, fishing, and trapping, to archaeological field work in various exotic locations. What he enjoys most of all is meeting freedom loving, interesting creative people, who are also regular dedicated fans of his publications.

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