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Dave Sommerville



I stroll these back roads of my mind
As the young step to their treadmills
They dash along cosmopolitan thruways
Jockeying for position they rush to get there
Like me they are headed for the same fate
A gulf of misunderstanding forever disjoins us
Haughty with age and sagging skin I stop to rest
And akin to the deer who browse at a barren meadow
I search at empty hallways in my brain
Reciting old memories which are like
The withering leaves on a blighted tree
I don’t disparage the young like a hologram
I appear in their mirrors to portend
The coming of their own age like a storm cloud
That never leaves the horizon

Bio: David Summerfield is a graduate of Frostburg State University, Maryland, and a veteran of the Iraq war. He has been an editor, columnist, and contributor to various publications within his home state of West Virginia. His work has appeared or is due to appear in The Journal of Expressive Writing, Door Is A Jar Literary Magazine, Carmina Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, and El Portal (EUNM) Literary Journal.

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