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slipknot, slipfast, slipfree

slipfast and free 

the ropes you bound my hands with 

thrown back into your reflecting pools, your garden waterfalls to float, dismembered, alone, through the blue. i am a wild thing, 

sweetheart. you cannot cage me, cannot know me, cannot love me. bend your head for a kiss, 

find my teeth sunk into your throat. 

you pulled me from a stormy sea, 

smelling of salt, of blood, slick and laughing. 

i am a siren song, not a lullaby. 

not your song bird. not a caged thing. 

slipfast, slipfree.


Bio: Freedom Strange (all pronouns) is a young queer writer from Texas. They spend any free time they get drinking tea, collecting old records, crystals, or neopronouns,  and  doodling in the margins of their textbooks. Faer work has been published in Adoxography Lit and is forthcoming in Ice Lolly Review. You can find her on Twitter @FreedomStrange.

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