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Inked and Ringed

I am not like you

That’s what my body 

and my jewelry says


But it isn’t true.


I can cover my arms

in every shade of ink

etched by artists making

paisley flower petals bloom

among twisted vines

racing up my arms

anchored by a bumblebee at my elbow


But we are still alike.


I can wear a diamond studded

ring through my nose

resting just above a

petulant magenta mouth

signaling my defiance

distrust and dislike 

of the society you built


But I am lost sometimes, just like you. 


Remember your rebel days

protesting, rallying against 

old white men while in your 

tie dye shirt, fringe jacket 

and faded hip hugger jeans 

that made your parents gasp and cringe

while psychedelic noise assaulted the peace


Style and sound are the only difference. 


The circle will form, and I will 

have an exquisite daughter who

dismisses me, discounts me and worries me

who dresses in strange clothes

adorns her body with symbols

representing ideas of her own.


She will remind me of you.





Charlotte Zang lives on a farm near the Chester River in Chestertown, Maryland. Her work has appeared in Mused Literary Review (Spring, Summer, and Fall 2012), Voice Lux Journal (Dec. 2020) as well as the Bay to Ocean Anthology in 2020 and 2021. She published a chapbook titled Night Travels on Amazon. Charlotte writes for a living. Her articles have appeared in local publications such as Kent Island Neighbors and The Metropolitan Magazine. She enjoys interviewing executives from around the country,  telling their stories through LinkedIn profiles and business articles. Her work includes creating social media content, press releases, email blasts, newsletters, website copy and more for a variety of clients. ( She assists authors in the publishing process by editing, proofreading, and marketing their books. In addition, Charlotte is a real estate investor who is captivated by historic homes.

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