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Two Poems...



Are you 


to the ceiling 

at your own 

birthday party? 

Are you 

shaking hands 

with balloons 

that have been 

stuck there? 

Are you 

falling through 

the colourful static 

in your parents’ TV 

from the 70s? 

Are you 

speaking about 

British politics 

with a giant 

smoking caterpillar? 

Are you 


cigarettes in your 

Hello Kitty purse 


Are you 

skipping meals 

because you want 

to shop at 

Brandy Melville? 

Are you 

spinning like a falling star 

before your head cracks 

the cement due to 

your irony deficiency? 

Are you 

praying to God 

every night, promising 

your lips have not 

sinned in the darkness? 

Are you 



Northern Lights


Spilling green rivers

tangle with

purple gods’ tears -


A painting that wavers

in the sky.


It reaches for 

white canvas 

of the mountains.


Or to rip away

from the frames


of ozone, to fall 

into the cosmos,



Bio: Anna Shirshova (she/her) is a poet who studies and lives in London. Her latest work has been featured in Pile Press, Phantom Kangaroo, Impostor: A Poetry Journal, Blue Daisies Journal and is forthcoming in The Lovers Literary Journal, Gypsophila Magazine, and W.E.I.R.D. Anna is also a co-founder and editor for an online magazine The Literary Canteen. When not writing Anna is busy scrapbooking, obsessing over scented candles or visiting as many coffeeshops as she can. To discover more, follow Anna on Twitter: @a_lowenzahn.

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