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Lessons Learned On A Day At The Beach

waves     wish wash into shore, 

whipped up by wind


send spraysandsalt into the sky, 

into my eyes    up my nose as I 


am in the sea, at peace, with the

crash splash wish-wash spraysandsalt 

body tumbled beneath a body of water

layered like a cake: 




Me at the bottom, in the sand, coming up 


waves roll the blood through my veins 

every tide must return to the sea


Adrienne Rozells (she/her) holds a BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College. She currently teaches writing to kids and works as co-EIC at Catchwater Magazine. Her favorite things include strawberries, her dogs, and extrapolating wildly about the existence of Bigfoot. More of her work can be found on Twitter @arozells or Instagram @rozellswrites. 

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