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At seventeen

At seventeen, I understood the world was a balloon balanced

on a pool of love that we thirst for. I learned there is no point


in believing in me as I'm still in myself. I thought that there is no 

more to poetry than love and darkness but I can't just end the


reflections on the girl on my sheets that my nose sends warnings

to tremble at the passing by of her perfume. Believing it's


normal till it lasted a year of a heartbreaking story of love.

At seventeen, I added the brakes to the ride of my times at


the sight of gusts of love when not even on my path. Alot of

me got broken as they couldn't get a sip from the sea of


love that floats everywhere. Love wanted me, it hunted

everyone from its perched tree of time most doesn't seem to understand. 


At seventeen, I decorated the walls of my chest

with bulbs and snowflakes in a cozy den I built there, a few years


behind seventeen to crave bliss from shattered promises when I

saw no other home outside me. I scolded myself with tears and


smiles I expressed with the ink from what bounded us, kept the

world floating, love. As a seven outside teen, I learned to live as a


marsupial, with myself in my pouch of love. I discovered all my

cravings slept in me. We can't exist to love without self-love.



Oladejo Abdullah Feranmi is a Nigerian-based writer, orator, and a veterinary student at the University of Ibadan. He has been trying to pursue his enthusiasm for writing by penning multiple genres. He inhabits currently Ibadan, Nigeria where He appreciates reading and writing indoors. He has his works published in anthologies.


At seventeen is a work giving a voice to older teens. Some have been through it but it hasn't been through them. I think it will enable teens to embrace inner joy more.

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